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Albany History

Albany Historical Society & Museum (directory information)
Albany Yesteryears  - The History of Albany (digitized copy of the full document)
Village History (from the Village website)

Albany School Yearbooks

Visit the library to view our collection of Albany School Yearbooks between the years 1941 and 2015 (a handful of years are missing).

Visit Recollection Wisconsin to view some of the yearbooks and other items of local history we have been able to digitize. 

Digital books and audio books

Wisconsin's Digital Library

Or use the friendly Libby App. Get help setting it up here.
Visit this page to download and "borrow" books and audiobooks, for your mobile devices and e-readers such as Nook, Kindle, and iPad. Requires your Albertson Memorial Library card number preceded by Albany's zipcode: 53502.

For Readers

NoveList (Requires your Albertson Memorial Library card number preceded by Albany's zipcode: 53502.)

Fantastic Fiction (find all of your favorite author's books, in order by series)

Good Reads
Book Spot
KDL What's Next Database 



Albany Historical Society Museum
Ancestry Library (available in-library only)
Green County Genealogy Society
South Central Library System resources

Libraries in Green County

Albertson Memorial Library
Belleville Public Library
Brodhead Memorial Library
Monroe Public Library
Monticello Public Library
New Glarus Public Library


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Albertson Memorial Library catalog

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