Conservation Conversation

Albertson Memorial Library

Hear personal stories and learn more about conservation from our special guests: Sue Nelson of the Women, Food, and Agriculture Network, Frank Kapel of Lake Winnetka/ Sugar River Improvement Association, and Lynn Lokken of the Green County Master Gardeners Association. 

About Sue Nelson: A local advocate for conservation, Sue Nelson serves as the District 10 representative on the Green County Board of Supervisors serving the communities of Cadiz, Browntown and the southern portion of Jordan. She also serves as chair on the Ag & Extension Educators, and a member of Health, Land & Water Conservation, and Land Use & Zoning committees. Sue championed the Clean Water Now advisory referendum question to prioritize water quality in our community -- a referendum which was approved by the largest margin of all municipalities that had this on their ballot in the November 2022 elections!  Sue is also active with the MultiCultural Outreach Program, a regional nonprofit that supports refugees to the area. She and her husband steward 14 acres of diverse habitat in woodlands, prairie, animal habitat along with some crop land. With an emphasis on conservation practices and methods, always learning as they go. 

About Frank Kapel: After serving as president of the Lake Winnetka/Sugar River Improvement Association Inc. for +25 years, he is now serving as Vice President. He was born & raised on the NW side of the city of Chicago in the Belmont Cragin neighborhood. Even though his roots are in the city, he grew up spending a lot of time in Wisconsin. In younger years at an aunt’s cottage on Lake Wisconsin near Merrimac & in later years as a member of the Blackhawk Ridge Wildlife and Recreation Area near Sauk City. Through a friend he was brought to Albany in 1985 & purchased property on Lake Winnetka in 1992. Since then he has been involved in the LWSRIA & all their events & endeavors. He and his wife Diane have enjoyed many hours of enjoyable time through paddling the lake and river, going for boat rides, riding bikes and hiking the Sugar River Trail, etc. and feel it is their responsibility to help preserve the “Scenic Beauty & Navigability of Lake Winnetka, the Sugar River & the Albany Wildlife Area” which is the motto of the LWSRIA.

About Lynn Lokken: Lynn Lokken of Monroe WI is a lifelong resident of Green County. She grew up on a farm in the Monticello area, helping her Dad on the farm in the 50’s and 60’s and learning conservation practices, she has always loved the outdoors. Lynn has been a Master Gardener since 2005 and helps out with several gardens/yards as a volunteer in the Monroe area. Since retiring from her day job, she continues to keep busy in her own yard and volunteering at the Green County Historical Museum, she is a 4-H volunteer of 45 years, docents at the Cheese Center, helps at the County Fair and assists with the Farm Tours during Cheese Days. Lynn will give you some gardening tips for your yards, but if you have a specific question, please bring them along and she will try and answer your questions, or will find out the answer from her gardening friends. See less