The Albertson Memorial Library Will be Installing Solar Panels

The Albertson Memorial Library in Albany, WI is moving forward with the installation of a solar panel array to supply a substantial amount of the library’s electrical power.

To start, the library is replacing the roof on the center section of the library.  That project will begin in April, 2021 or as soon as weather permits.    Shortly after the roof is completed, Full Spectrum Solar of Madison, WI will begin installing 72solar panels. 

Installing the solar panels will take 2-3 weeks.  The project is expected to be operational in June, 2021. 

When fully operational, this solar array will supply the library with approximately 60% of its electrical use.  Electricity is a major operational expense for the library.  Installing solar panels will reduce the library’s operating expenses by over 10% and allow those funds to be used for other purposes

This project supported by a gift from Mary Ann Sucharski, a former librarian in Albany; a grant from RENEW Wisconsin and its Solar for Good project; and Focus on Energy, Wisconsin’s energy efficiency and renewable energy services program.

Watch for future updates on the details and progression of this project. 

More information here.